As part of our push to bring faster, higher-quality, and more consistent cold brew to coffee shops, hospitality businesses, and consumers around the world, we have worked hard to build relationships with distributors around the world.

Thanks to our distributor network, Hardtank equipment is more prominent and accessible than ever. While you can find a list of distributors here, we’re also putting together this simple guide which organises them by region – and provides easy instructions on how to get in touch if you’re interested in becoming a distributor.

Read on to learn more. 

One of our cold brew coffee makers on a café countertop.

Who we are

At Hardtank, we offer two main services: cutting-edge commercial cold brew equipment and private label RTD cold coffee for businesses.

Our team of coffee enthusiasts is based in Opole, Poland. We leverage innovative research, quality engineering, and outstanding customer service to help your business join the cold coffee revolution.

Our network of distributors offers four main Hardtank products:

  • Hardtank 20: Our flagship Hardtank device can brew up to 250 litres a day, stored in a built-in keg.
  • Hardtank 1T: Identical to the Hardtank 20 with one key difference: an integrated dispenser tap for easy service.
  • Hardtank 2T: The Hardtank 1T but with an extra tap attached.
  • Baby Hardtank: A countertop version of our Hardtank technology – with a small, compact footprint.

These machines have many benefits in comparison to traditional cold brew methods. Classic immersion cold coffee brewing takes up to 24 hours and is vulnerable to oxidation and contamination. In contrast, by constantly recirculating water through the ground coffee, Hardtank machines are not only more efficient – saving your business money – but they also brew great-tasting cold coffee in just 45 minutes. 

Furthermore, thanks to our partnership with the Technology University of Opole, every Hardtank machine has been designed with high-level engineering principles and scientific expertise in mind. This focus on R&D means that our equipment is innovative, robust, and easy to use.

This makes it easier than ever for coffee businesses around the world to capitalise on cold brew’s meteoric rise in popularity. As such, Hardtank equipment is now available in more than a dozen countries across three continents.

But where exactly can you find our machines? Read on for a complete guide to our distributors. 

A cold brew coffee maker being prepared for brewing.

Our distributors

We have partnered with distributors who sell Hardtank equipment to hospitality businesses around the world. Take a look and see if one of our partners operates in your region. 


Poland – Best Company Solutions

Distributors of a broad range of service equipment that provides tailored solutions to businesses in the hospitality sector. 

Romania – Origo Coffee 

Origo Coffee is a Bucharest-based team of specialty coffee enthusiasts. In addition to running their own roastery and coffee shop, they provide other businesses with the latest specialty coffee equipment.

Slovakia – Kávoholik

A roaster and coffee equipment supplier, Kávoholik has made it its mission to bring Slovakian coffee drinkers the highest-quality beverages and equipment. 

Turkey – SEAS GIDA

A group of companies dedicated to sourcing high-quality equipment for the sports, leisure, and hospitality sectors. 

Ukraine – Liberica International

Liberica International has partnered with a number of suppliers of coffee equipment to handle distribution for Ukraine’s food and beverage industry. 

United Kingdom – Rubiaceae Consulting

A British consultancy that specialises in providing hospitality businesses of all sizes with the latest innovative coffee preparation equipment. 


China – Vedan

Vedan operates in multiple Pacific Asian countries, distributing quality goods to a wide range of food and beverage businesses. 

Iran – Mazzeh Afarinan-e-Pars

Pioneers in Iran’s food and beverage industry who import and distribute Hardtank technology.

Kazakhstan & Russia – Gourmet Style

A leading supplier to the Russian and Kazakh catering markets, which sources high-tech equipment for its clients. 

Kuwait – Methods Specialty Coffee Approach

A coffee roastery and academy that provides specialty arabica beans, cutting-edge equipment, and coffee industry training. 

Lebanon – SUCASU Coffee Collective

A Lebanese distributor which specialises in delivering a range of quality coffee blends, products, and equipment. 

Taiwan – Renaluxe

A boutique coffee brand whose search for new and exciting products to bring to the Taiwanese market led it to partner with Hardtank.

United Arab Emirates – Five Oceans Coffee

A Dubai-based coffee roaster that provides innovative coffee and cold brew solutions to clients across the UAE. 

North America

United States – FETCO

An established distributor and manufacturer of commercial coffee equipment in the US & Canada. FETCO manufactures and distributes the Baby Hardtank from its facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

A Hardtank cold brew coffee maker in the middle of its brew cycle.

Can’t find Hardtank devices near you? Become a distributor

We’re always looking to find new partners in regions where we don’t have distributors. If you’re interested in joining our network, you can learn more about how to do so here.

Becoming a Hardtank partner will give you the opportunity to bring high-quality commercial cold brew equipment to clients and customers in your region. This is more important than ever considering just how popular cold coffee has become in the last few years – and its growth is showing no signs of slowing down. 

Do you have any other questions about private label RTD or buying Hardtank yourself? Get in touch here. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about our cold brew equipment, sign up for our newsletter here

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