Meet your new cold brew maker.
The Baby HardTank.

2021 SCA Best New Product Award winner.



Allows you to extract 4 litres of beverage out of coffee, tea or herbs in below one hour.



The smaller capacity allows you to experiment more with new beverages. However, you can still produce up to 30 litres per day.

Shelf life


Short extraction in a closed container eliminates oxidation risk and increases shelf life.



HardTank is designed for coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and domestic users. It has a small footprint, is versatile, and is easy to use.



An automatic cleaning program and dedicated cleaning
products guarantee stability and safety throughout the production process, while also significantly reducing labor costs and water consumption.

Ease of operation


You can control it from the built-in touchscreen or the remote access mobile app.
You can set different recipes, save them and restore them whenever switching between different types of beverages.


1 Daily output – 32 l

2 Extraction chamber capacity – 6 l

3 Dimensions – 340 x 340 x 490 mm

4 Weight – 17 kg

5 Drain – drain pump