Is the solution for problems
affecting cold brew production.


Designed for professional use and,
production of the highest quality cold brew beverages.



 250 litres per day = 1000 portions, which you can serve while producing more with HardTank.



Patented technology let’s you extract over 22% within 45 minutes.

Shelf life


Short extraction in a closed container eliminates oxidation risk and increases shelf life.



Modular design and highest quality
food-grade materials result in a machine
that can work flawlessly for decades. If anything gets broken, replacement of each and every element
is a child’s play.



An automatic cleaning program and dedicated cleaning
products guarantee stability and safety throughout the production process, while also significantly reducing labor cost and water consumption.

Low labor cost & ease of operation


The employee’s role is to grind the coffee and place it into the filtration basket. After turning it on, the device fills itself with water, starts and stops extraction, undergoes filtration, and pours the cold brew into the keg and engages the cleaning program.


1 Daily output – 250 l

2 Extraction chamber capacity – 20 l

3 Filter basket capacity – 1,2 kg

4 Dimensions – 902 x 830 x 610 mm

5 Weight – 80/120 kg

6 Drain – drain pump