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Our equipment is the perfect answer to many of the issues businesses face when preparing cold brew. Normally, it takes hours to make great cold brew – whether you’re brewing it in-store or preparing a concentrate.
However, Hardtank commercial cold brew coffee makers can prepare quality cold brew and more in just 45 minutes.

What you need to know about Hardtank technology

Short extraction time

  • 1+ batch per hour = flexibility in cold brew production
  • Better waste management – brew on demand
  • More products to offer – coffee, tea, herbs, cocktails
  • Reduced oxidation – better product quality & consistency

Lower production cost

  • High extraction yield = lower food cost
  • Reduced labour cost – short preparation & clean-up time
  • No disposable filters


  • Stainless steel elements – food grade
  • Automatic cleaning & sanitation programs –
    hands-free maintenance
  • Dedicated cleaning product

Ease of use

  • Grind and go – no paper filters and no draining or manual filtration required
  • Pre-saved recipes
  • Automatic drain to keg

Award-winning cold brew & nitro infusion technology

Hardtank commercial cold brew coffee makers can brew coffee as well as tea, cascara, infused spirits, and even cocktails without compromising on quality. There is even a nitro infusion feature you can use to make your drinks smoother and creamier.

Issues with making cold brew the traditional way:

Poor efficiency

You can only brew one batch only every 12 to 24 hours.

Poor hygiene

Manual cleaning leaves room for mistakes and microbiological growth.


The long extraction time increases the spoilage risk with microbiological & quality issues.

Lack of consistency

Oxidation & manual operations increase the risk of poor quality.

High operational cost

Paper filters, long draining & cleaning times, and high levels of waste.

Production parameters compared to Hardtank devices

Baby Hardtank logo Hardtank logo
Daily efficiency 20 l 60 l 250 l
Extraction time 16 – 20 h <1 h <1h
Employee service time for batch 30 min 5 min 5 min
Cleaning Manual Automatic Automatic
* Coffee extraction time: 20 – 45 min
* Tea extraction time: 15 – 30 min
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We have been recognised by the industry for our commitment to quality manufacturing and food safety.

Baby Hardtank by Fetco in the USA.

Baby Hardtank by FETCO®

Hardtank is distributed in the US by FETCO, a leading commercial coffee equipment company. They produce and distribute the Baby Hardtank device in the US from their facility in Lake Zurich, IL.

FETCO’s distribution network in the US allows us to bring innovative new cold coffee brewing methods to more businesses around the world. It also gives us a platform to continue researching our technology with new markets in mind.

Ultimately, this helps American coffee businesses address the issues many of them face when preparing cold brew. By working with Hardtank commercial cold brew machines, they can reduce their costs and preparation time, as well as guaranteeing that the cold coffee they prepare is food-safe thanks to the equipment’s automated cleaning functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to common queries about our products and services.

You can make cold brew coffee, tea, cascara, cocktails, and even infuse spirits with herbs and fruits to create entirely unique beverages. The only limitation is your imagination.

You can. All spirits up to 60% ABV can be infused in the Baby Hardtank.

Please note: you should only use spirits with lower sugar levels, as thick/viscous liquids can damage the machine.

Yes, we offer Hardtank models with built-in tap systems to serve nitro cold brew.

However, the Baby Hardtank requires a separate dispenser.

You can fill the Baby Hardtank either manually or by using an external water pump.

Larger Hardtank devices, however, can only be used with a direct filtered water connection.

If necessary, you can use all of our devices with external drainage vessels, provided they’re of the appropriate capacity.

All Hardtank devices have automatic cleaning and sanitation modes. These are easy to activate and extend the lifespan of your device.

No, Hardtank technology offers exceptional brew quality without the need for any single-use filters.

You can brew up to five litres of cold brew with  the Baby Hardtank, and up to 18 litres with Hardtank 20.

Our patented accelerated cold extraction technology is based around recirculation. 

Water is constantly circulated and pushed through the extraction basket meaning the coffee, tea, or infusion ingredients are constantly agitated. 

Our unique basket design creates an extremely clean brew without the need for additional filtration. This method is proven to deliver a high extraction yield in a comparatively short space of time.

You can use the same filtration system you would for an espresso machine or batch brewer.

We recommend preparing your water according to the SCA guidelines.

The Baby Hardtank is a compact machine with a small 30x30cm footprint. It doesn’t require any additional “under the counter” accessories to be used. 

All you need is a container ready to store your cold brew once it’s brewed.

Assuming a 200ml serving size, you can brew 300 portions per day with the Baby Hardtank and 1250 with Hardtank 20.

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