FETCO is a specialist supplier and manufacturer of commercial brewing equipment based in the US. Two years ago, we announced our partnership with them – which means that they will now begin manufacturing and distributing Hardtank equipment in North America and beyond. 

Ultimately, this means that Hardtank equipment can reach more markets, more businesses, and thus more customers around the world. Both the CEO and Co-Founder of FETCO, Christopher Nowak, and the CEO of Hardtank, Marcin Kucia, are excited about the partnership and what it means for the cold brew market.

“The partnership between Hardtank and FETCO will make cold brew accessible for customers like never before,” Marcin explains. 

Read on to find out more about what this relationship means and what you can expect from our partnership with FETCO going forward.

A cold brew coffee maker in use.

What is FETCO?

Let’s start with a quick profile of FETCO. In 1987, founders Zbigniew Lassota and Christopher Nowak recognised the need for high-quality equipment to match the growing expectations of the specialty coffee market. 

As a result, they began designing and manufacturing their own devices. Over the last thirty years, the range has grown to include brewers, grinders, dispensers, and now Hardtank equipment as well. 

Today, you can find FETCO equipment in coffee shops, chains, roasteries, hotels and other hospitality businesses all over the world. 

How the partnership works

FETCO will produce and distribute the Baby Hardtank, a countertop fast cold brew maker. It offers quick and efficient extraction with a compact countertop footprint. Having already worked together closely during exhibitions, in developing new technologies, and marketing, a stronger partnership was natural.

“We are proud to enter into this strategic partnership with Hardtank,” Christopher says. “We believe that the Hardtank technology will allow food service entities across the globe to make great-tasting cold brew, teas, and infused spirits with ease.”

FETCO will manufacture the device under a licence granted by Hardtank at its facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It will also distribute it through its network of retailers across North America.

This means that coffee shops, roasters, and other hospitality businesses across the USA and Canada will be able to buy and use the Baby Hardtank more easily than ever before. In turn, this helps them brew better cold brew for their customers in under 45 minutes.

A cold brew maker on a countertop.

What does this mean for the future?

In the long term, we plan to scale up this partnership to a point where FETCO can manufacture and distribute the full range of Hardtank’s commercial cold brew equipment.

Both Marcin and Christopher are eagerly looking forward to where the partnership will take them next.

“It is our goal to collaborate on a technical level to further the development of cold extraction technology and utilise the engineering prowess of both sides,” Christopher says. “We look forward to the future.”

Marcin, meanwhile, adds: “Our vision is to introduce innovative products to the coffee market. This is one way of bringing it to more people around the world.”

Specialist equipment like Hardtank’s democratises the cold brew process – making it easier and more straightforward for coffee shops and roasters to prepare it quickly. It enables smaller businesses to try new things, quickly pivot to meet new demands, and prepare exactly what customers want faster than ever. 

A cold brew maker.

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