About Us

We are a team of coffee enthusiasts based in Opole, Poland that are passionate about using cutting-edge technology and quality engineering to offer businesses practical, versatile, and efficient beverage solutions.

First developed in 2018, Hardtank technology is now being used by coffee businesses around the world. With three products in our range (the Hardtank 20, Hardtank All-in-One, and Baby Hardtank), we offer innovative cold coffee solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to prepare amazing cold brew in a fraction of the usual time.

Following our success with Hardtank, in 2022 we launched our private label RTD facility. After developing a line of delicious RTD cold brew products, we started to offer them to clients, using liquid nitrogen to create a unique texture and cascading effect when poured. We’ve had incredible feedback so far, and have helped businesses add a signature touch to their beverage range – whether using our classic range of RTD drinks or a custom formula.

Meet our Team

Krzysztof Barabosz is Head of Coffee at Hardtank.

Krzysztof Barabosz

Head of Coffee

Co-owner, responsible for the roasting operations and R&D department.

Krzysztof Szkutnik

Product Manager

A creative mind who is behind all of our formulas.

Maciej Duszak

Head of Sales

Co-owner, coffee professional and team leader.

Our Awards

SCA Best New Product 2021 – Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Preparation & Serving – Winner

SCA Best New Product 2022 – Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Preparation & Serving – Winner

SCA Coffee Design Awards 2023 – Branding (Nitro by Hard Beans) – Winner

World Coffee Innovation Awards 2023 – Automatic Machine Innovation – Winner

Our Patents

Method for making cold coffee and a steeping device for the implementation thereof:

  • US 11,666,063 B2
  • EU 20460026.6 – 1105

Our Scientific Articles and Posters

Influence of coffee brewing methods on the chromatographic and spectroscopic profiles, antioxidant and sensory properties; Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 21377 (2021);

Comparison of chemical compounds and their influence on the taste of coffee depending on green beans storage conditions; Scientific Reports volume 12, Article number: 2674 (2022);

Effect of green and roasted coffee storage conditions on selected characteristic quality parameters; Scientific Reports volume 13, Article number: 6447 (2023);

Chemistry in a cup of coffee – Evaluation of parameters influencing the quality of coffee, depending on its storage conditions; XXIII International Symposium „Advances in the Chemistry of Heteroorganic Compounds”, Łódź 2022

Our Values

Regardless of the field of activity, we always work according to our core values:



You ask, we answer.



Supported by science.



It only works well for us, if it works well for you.



You’re always right (unless science proves otherwise).



You pay on time, we work hard on your success.

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