What is Gulfood’s F&B show?

Gulfood’s F&B show is, in their own words, a show to ‘help you experience the revolutionary shifts in the world of F&B.’ This ranges from the latest food products to tech innovations to trending topics! It is this year’s first and only live, in-person food & beverage sourcing event with 21 halls and diverse products from 80 countries! There are limitless opportunities to network with global heads and Michelin-starred chefs.

Is it free?

It is not but we want to bring a group of F&B enthusiasts along with us. Therefore, we will get an official invitation for you if you want to experience what HardTank has to offer. We’re sure lots of you are looking for a much needed, and safe, break from lockdown – this might be the perfect opportunity and we’d love to see you there.

What are you promoting?

We are promoting our revolutionary technology, HardTank, which has changed the world of Cold Brews forever! We will be exhibiting many of our cold brew beverages but our HardTank is the star of our show. The Nitro Cold Brew takes only 1 hour to brew rather than the 12 hours required for traditional brewing methods. HardTank saves you time and labour, yet it gives you a consistent high quality Cold Brew with a longer shelf life and better hygiene. I know, right! It really is revolutionary!

Do you need a free invitation to the fair or an appointment with one of our representatives?


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