Cold Brew Academy

Emerging trends in RTD nitro coffee to look out for

23 July 2024
A glass of cold brew coffee
  • RTD nitro coffee is a fast-growing segment to keep an eye on.
  • Accessibility, diversity and sustainability are all contributing to growth.
  • We interviewed Chris Gaag, Director of Operations at OTT.

How to choose a cold brew coffee machine

18 July 2024
A cup of cold brew coffee on ice
  • How do you choose the right cold brew coffee machine for your business?
  • Choosing the right equipment is more important than ever, but there are many factors to consider.
  • We interviewed Randy Anderson, Chief Percolation Officer at Cold Percolation, Inc., to find out more.

How a cold brew coffee maker can transform workflow in your coffee shop

16 July 2024
  • Specialised cold brew makers can help coffee shops keep up with increasing demand.
  • Streamlined service and integrated technology improves workflow.
  • We interviewed Ben Ferrao, General Manager at Cold Brew Coffee Company, to learn more.

RTD, nitro, cold brew: A cold coffee glossary

12 July 2024
  • Cold brew, RTD, nitro, flash brew: what does it all mean?
  • Cold coffee can wear many different hats.
  • We interviewed Chad Burton, Head of Sales at Cosmic Garden Coffee, to learn more.

How to market canned cold brew coffee to your customers

9 July 2024
  • Canned cold brew coffee is becoming one of the most popular RTD formats in the world.
  • But marketing can be easier said than done.
  • To learn more about how to do so, we spoke with Brandon Bir from Crimson Cup Coffee.

What is the best commercial cold brew equipment? 

4 July 2024
The Baby Hardtank cold brew coffee maker
  • Commercial cold brew equipment is quickly becoming essential for many businesses.
  • But how do you find the best device for you?
  • We spoke with Catherine Banwell from Rubiaceae Consulting to find out more.

Where you can find Hardtank devices: A guide to our distributors

2 July 2024
A Baby Hardtank device on a countertop.
  • Hardtank is now available in over a dozen countries around the world.
  • This is all thanks to our distribution partners.
  • We've prepared a helpful guide to our distributors to help you source your own Hardtank equipment.

How quickly does a commercial cold brew system prepare coffee? 

27 June 2024
A commercial cold brew system full of coffee.
  • Cold brew makers are known for being much quicker than traditional methods.
  • But how quickly can they work and how does this benefit you?
  • We interviewed Randy Anderson, Vice President of Product Strategy at Cold Percolation, Inc.

Where to source ready-to-drink cold brew coffee cans

25 June 2024
  • RTD cold brew is more popular now than ever before.
  • How can you bring your own line of cold brew coffee cans to market to take advantage of this?.
  • We spoke with Kathi Ante to find out more about where you can source RTD coffee.

Hardtank is an official partner of FETCO. What does this mean?

20 June 2024
Three cold brew coffee makers on a countertop.
  • Hardtank has partnered with US-based manufacturer FETCO.
  • They will begin producing the Baby Hardtank and distributing it across North America.
  • Christopher Novak and Marcin Kucia told us more about this exciting venture.