Meet our authors

Jordan is a writer, marketing professional and doctoral candidate. He has worked in the specialty coffee industry for over sixteen years, including with coffee roasters, marketing agencies, green traders and equipment manufacturers. He has lived and worked in Australia and Spain, and currently resides in Germany.

Kristi is a seasoned freelance writer with over twenty years of experience crafting copy for global agencies and brands. When she's not at her desk, she's experimenting with her collection of coffee machines, perfecting everything from iced brews to rich, hot espressos.

Matt has a decade of experience in the coffee industry, from consulting to retail, and has been writing and editing in the space for almost as long.

Matthew is an accomplished writer and SEO expert specialising in the coffee industry. He works with leading specialty brands to enhance their online presence and increase their visibility with compelling content.

Tamar is a freelance writer from Tbilisi, Georgia. She's been writing about the food and beverage industry for over a decade. She also writes travel, arts, and culture. Her work has appeared in Time Out, Eaten, and Serviette.